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Fluid Engineering

​Fluid Engineering Department mainly involved with Pump Sets products, Water Storage Tanks, Irrigation & Shade Netting, Valves, Water Meters & Filters, Scada / Telemetry / Instrumentation Activities

1) Building Services

Building Services division is part of Fluid Engineering department providing pumping/ related solutions to Commercial/ Residential/ Industrial and Power sectors in the region.


Our activities are supply, commissioning and of Booster/ Transfer/ Sewage/ Sump/ Storm water/ UL/FM & ROP approved Fire/ Fuel and hot circulation pump-sets for various buildings.

Complimenting above we also supply GRP/ steel sectional water tanks, Glass lined cylindrical sectional tanks and pillow type tanks for water storage.

As growth plan, we have included Noise & Vibration control products for rotating equipment’s.


Some of the recent recognized projects are

  • Permanent Accommodation for Contractors (PAC) at Duqm for Renaissance

We have supplied massive tanks 1024m3 x 6Nos for main water storage, roof water storage and supplied all types of pumps as complete package

  • Rotana Hotel @ Airport heights
  • HQ Building for Qatar National Bank
  • Vehicle Distribution Facility for Mohd Suhail Bahwan Group @ Sohar
  • Grid Stations @ Das and Suwaiq etc

2) Irrigation

Irrigation Section : A section of Fluid Engineering Department operates under Marketing Division and responsible for the Marketing of all type of Irrigation Equipment applicable for Turf , Golf , Agriculture field of applications, Turf and Golf maintenance equipment, Shade Net , Water Meters, Filters , Specialty Control valves, Play Equipment , Water Theme Park equipment , Aerators , Rubber Safety flooring, HDPE Pipes, Fittings and accessories used for Landscape and Irrigation activities and also handles Turn Key projects such as Design , Supply and Installation of Park Play Equipment, Safety Flooring and Water Theme park equipment.


Marketing and Technical Services provider for the following activities:

  • Complete Irrigation System equipment , Central Control Water Management Solutions provider for Turf, Golf and Agriculture field of application
  • Complete Sensor based control systems, Filtration Systems applicable for Irrigation field.
  • Turf, Golf course maintenance equipment such as Lawn Mowers (Ride on / Walk behind), Tractors etc..
  • Handles Turnkey projects which includes Design, Supply and Installation of Children Park Play Equipment, Safety Flooring and Water Theme park equipment
  • Water Meters and Water Filtration System for Irrigation field of application
  • Shade Net and Artificial Grass

3)Mechanical Equipment

ME (Mechanical Equipment), a division under Fluid Engineering Department was formed in the year 2013 with an aim to expand the business with the introduction of new activities/ products. Over a period of 4 years, this division has grown to be a successful profit center. New activities and products in both mechanical and civil engineering fields have been added on to the portfolio. ME has also ventured into waterproofing and Light weight screed and executed several projects successfully.


ME currently offers its products & services to various segments of the industry as outlined below:

Construction Industry :

  • Dewatering systems, Hire & Sale of Pumps & accessories, Supply & Application of various kinds of Water-proofing systems, Supply & Application of Light Weight Screed, etc.,
  • Rubber Corner guards, Rubber wheel stoppers, wall guards, Rubber speed humps, ‘D’ Fenders, Neoprene pads, EPDM Rubber profiles & Moulded and Extruded Rubber Products.
  • Manhole Covers.

HVAC segment :

  • Insulation products, CTI certified cooling Towers, Eurovent certified Chillers, Air-conditioning for Telecom towers and Data Centers, Short & Long term rentals of Fluid Chillers, Air Handlers, Fan Coils, Temporary Boilers and a wide range of Portable Air Conditioners.

Mechanical Equipment

  • UL listed & UN certified Bunded Fuel tanks & systems, Fuel Farms.
  • Pumps ON HIRE for various industries such as Oil & Gas,Marine, Food & Agriculture, Sewerage, Directional Drilling,Piling, Civil Construction, Electro-mechanical works, FacilityManagement, etc and for different applications such as Bentonite slurry, Sludge, Bilge, sandy sea-water, sewage,ground water, treated sewage effluent, storm water, chilled water, sweet water (ponds, lakes & rivers), etc.
  • EOT Cranes
  • Air Compressors

Fire Fighting Segment

  • System Valves, Expansion Joints, Loop Type Joints, Sprinkler Hose Reels, Sprinklers, Sprinkler Accessories, Alarm Valves, Grooved Piping Products, Fire Dept. Equipment, etc.

Oil & Gas Industry

  • Flare System, ATEX Zone 0 Displacement and Treatment of Explosive Vapors, Catalytic Combustion, Gas/Liquid Incinerators, DeNOx System, Waste into Energy, Process Heaters, and Burners.
  • Water Bath Heaters, Thermal Oxidizers, Fired Heaters, Thermal Oil Heaters, Flares, Heat Recovery Systems, HRSG Boilers, Burner Management Systems and Gas Conditioning Including:
  • Metering Skids, Pressure Control Skids And Filter Coalesces.
  • Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Diaphragm Seals, Transmitters & accessories

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Facades, Flexible solar Photo Voltaic (PV) panels and PV panels on vehicles, to PV car ports to harness the true potential of nature and providing alternate solutions to save and generate energy.

Oil & Lubricants

  • Automotive, Industrial & Metalworking Lubricants.
  • Transformer Oils.

4)Telemetry section

FE Dept- SCADA / Telemetry section. Dealing with Automation, instrumentation, valves, penstocks and sewage odor control systems for water and waste water applications respectively.


Sales, marketing and after sales service of Valves, penstocks, sewage odor control systems and instrumentation and automation systems.


Odor control :

  • Muscat Int’l Airport – 20 nos. Sewage odor control systems supplied and commissioned in New Muscat Int’l airport
  • Salalah Int’l airport – 8 nos. sewage odor control systems supplied and commissioned at New Salalah int’l airport
  • SSDC, Salalah- Salalah area pumping stations upgradation with activated carbon odor control system and dosing systems to control the H2s level in network.


  • Majis Sohar- Supply of large size EPC coated butterfly valves to Majis Ind Estate Sohar
  • PAEW- Supply of motorized valves and manual isolation, check and ARV’s for Muscat water distribution network under PAEW.
  • PAEW- Supply of motorized and manual valves for emergency reservoir project in Muscat capital.
  • PAEW- Supply of High pressure PN 63 bar rated isolation and motorized valves for PAEW- Quriyat Tie-in projects.
  • PAEW- Bahal water supply network
  • PAEW- Nizwa Water supply network
  • Majis Sohar- Supply of large size EPC coated butterfly valves to Majis Ind Estate Sohar
  • MRMWR – Musanna, Suwaiq, Nizwa and Rushtaq sewage network


  • Supply of more than 70 nos. GSM based telemetry systems including Buraimi well heads network, Ibra Hospital well heads, ISS sewage pumping stations, Adam town tank level based pump control etc.
  • Insertion type ultra-sonic flow meter in Majis Ind Estate Sohar
  • Supply of Siemens – Battery powered flow meters for Haya water T.E Irrigation networks
  • Automation and instrumentation for Saham STP, Seafront sewage PS-1&2, Pumping station Oman Cement Company, Airport reservoir, etc.
  • Automaiton System for BAB Palace reservoir project.

5) Plumbing & Valves

Plumbing & Valves team ( PV ) looking sales and Marketing of Copper pipes , Valves applicable for plumbing and HVAC application in building services.


  • Sales & Marketing of Copper pipes & Fittings for plumbing and ACR application.
  • Valves for plumbing & HVAC application
  • Water filter & Water meter for building services
  • Balancing valve for HVAC application
  • Accessories for plumbing & HVAC application


Major Projects:

  • Adam Air base plumbing & HVAC valves
  • OCEC Package 7 plumbing & HVAC valves
  • Adam Air base copper pipes
  • RDC – Ibra Copper pipes
  • Tilal Complex Valves
  • ROP Projects – Buraimi, Nizwa, Sur Copper pipes
  • Oman College – PICV
  • Wave Muscat – Plumbing & HVAC valves, PICV
  • Anantara Hotel – RO System

6) Water and Waste Water Segment

Water and Waste Water Segment(WW): Subdivision is focused on product requirement for Electro-Mechanical Products in Water Distribution / Transmission & Waste Water Handling and Disposal.


Core Activity of the team to provide Technical Solution in Water and Waste Water Projects, offering suitable products from their below range:

Product Manufacturer Application
Pumps Fairbanks Nijhuis (Pentair Group) – USA Municipal Segment for Water and Waste Water Pumping
Cornell Pumps – USA Dedicated for Municipal Waste Water Pumping for Dry Pit Construction, with specialty features.
Faggiolati Pumps – Italy Suitable for Dry Pit and Submersible Construction, for Municipal and Domestic Segment.
Franklin Electric – Europe / USA Specialist in Bore-well Pumping System. Offer Pumps & Motors of World Class Quality.
Xylem Water Solutions – Europe For Municipal and Domestic Segment, suitable for Pumping Water/Sea Water, for low, medium and high pressure.
Aurora – USA UL Listed, FM Approved, Fire Fighting Pumpset.
Diesel Generators Ghaddar Machinery – Lebanon Range from 10KVA to 2250KVA, With Perkins Powered Generator.
Sewage Grinders JWCE – USA Specialist in Macerating System capable of Cutting/Cleaning/Separation. Mainly for Municipal Segment.
Surge Vessel Henriques and Henriques – Portugal Surge Protection System. Capable of conducting Surge Analysis and Supply Suitable Surge Vessel
GRP Sectional Tanks Pipeco – Malaysia GRP Sectional Tank for Water Storage. With WRAS certificate.



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