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Marazzi Ceramiche

Marazzi group is one of the leading tile manufacturers in the world. They offer a complete and wide product range for residential and industrial applications.Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the fortes of Marazzi ceramics which have been defining living spaces since 1935, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.

With over 5,500 products in porcelain stoneware, crystallized stoneware and single-fired, as well as mosaics, marble, granite and natural stones available in a range of sizes,colours, thicknesses and surfaces, Marazzi is able to respond promptly to the diverse needs relating to living spaces and contemporary architecture.

Today Marazzi ceramic tiles are used not only for the floors and walls of residential buildings; thanks to their outstanding technical and aesthetic characteristics, they are increasingly chosen for use in public spaces and in major architectural projects.

For decades now, Marazzi has been developing and offering the market new areas of application for ceramics, providing architects with products that deliver outstanding technical characteristics, through the Marazzi Tecnica brand, as well as an ever growing array of solutions for architecture through the Marazzi Engineering Division. Visit Website:

White Horse Ceramic Industries SdnBhd

White Horse Ceramic Industries SdnBhd, which is now recognized as one of the leading ceramic tile manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region. Over 50 years of accumulated experience is shown in every shade of colour, in every ceramic tile that they have created. Click around to learn more about the products and processes that make White Horse Ceramic Industries the leader it is today.

White Horse is constantly moving forward by introducing new designs to their product line. As a prominent trendsetter for interior design and decorating solutions, White Horse will keep on producing creative and innovative tiles and accessories for increasingly sophisticated consumer tastes. 

OnixCeramica, SL (Spain/USA)

Onix is one of the leader glass mosaic companies’ worldwide thanks to its dynamic, creative and, mostly, advanced philosophy. Based in an ultramodern aesthetic, this philosophy makes to the top all those interior designers and architects that commit to use Onix products. Statistically, Onix is the company with the highest turnover growth rate of the past years. The design of its offer has become a referent for the most innovative interior designers of today’s market. After a decade of innovation and modernity, Onix has acquired its own hallmark that excels among the other industry leading companies. Each Onix product is a reflection of the energy that arises from this ultramodern company.

Today, the use of glass mosaic goes far beyond swimming pool covering. Interior decoration has redefined its limits and pre-established concepts, thanks to the introduction of glass mosaic as a new decorative element.The Onix brand has gained international recognition by being at the forefront of mosaic design. This recognition has been achieved thanks to the continuous innovation and the avant-garde creations that provide new and incredible possibilities in the application of mosaic. In recent years, architects and decorators have incorporated our mosaics into their projects for their versatility and attractive design.

Bisazza Spa

Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s leading producers of glass mosaics for interior and exterior decoration. Established in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy,the company has become a trailblazer, market by a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, a mastery of modern technologies with an ability to read and anticipate the needs of the global market.

AloisKorziliusInterbau (Bernhard Link)

More than 100 years ago the companies today known as AloisKorziliusInterbau – FabrikationfürmoderneBaukeramik GmbH & Co KG and Bernhard Link GmbH & Co. KG were founded.

Nowadays the group of companies belongs to the foundation of UtaKorzilius-Kern, which emerged on the 9th of August 1989.

Desso BV (Tarkett)

Today, DESSO can look back on almost 80 years of proven performance, having built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality carpet tiles and broadloom. DESSO has four factories and two major distribution centres in Europe, as well as specialist customer service centres throughout Europe,in America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia. DESSO products are specifically designed for both commercial and domestic applications. Its commercial product offering can be found in offices, banks, retail units, public buildings, schools, universities and care centres

CARPETECTURE®, which is a powerful example of DESSO’s commitment to creative carpet design and its dedication to meet the needs of architects, interior designers, building owners and end users. In the field of Functionality, DESSO develops pioneering solutions that make a difference for health, wellness and wellbeing.

DLW Flooring GMBH (Germany)

Armstrong (DLW Flooring) is a leader in the design and manufacture of floors and ceilings including   Bio-flooring, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, luxury vinyl tile ; our innovative residential and commercial product designs, solutions and services enable our customers to deliver the exceptional interior spaces they envision for themselves and their clients.What began more than 150 years ago has grown to become Armstrong World Industries, a global, multi-billion corporations with thousands of employees around the world. Armstrong has flourished, in times of prosperity, change and challenge, because we’ve always been the company that could be trusted to deliver quality products when we said we would. At a time when most companies operated under the premise, “let the buyer beware,” we grew stronger on the principle, “let the buyer have faith.”

Armstrong Floor Products is an international group and it is a leader in the production of resilient and carpet floor-coverings. Known for quality and versatility, Armstrong has unlimited choices of colors and finishes in their floor product range.


KDF LTD is one of the most dynamic and export-oriented Greek companies (currently activated in more than 42 countries in 4 continents), producing and trading a wide range of building materials and complete systems. Among them, our sports materials and systems hold a prominent place.

For decades now KDF has been one of the absolute experts in sports flooring in Europe, providing complete acrylic or polyurethane-based solutions for indoor and outdoor sports courts and halls, as well as wet-pour playgrounds, running tracks and PU binder and glues.


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