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We Al Anssari, is one of the leading Calibration Service provider in Sulatanate of Oman. Started in 1994, we offer advanced solutions for on site and laboratory calibration.

Our extensive range and latest technolgy Master instruemtns with the International traceablity we offer our service in the field of :

Electrcial, Temperature, Force, Pressure, Torque, Dimensioanl, Weighing, Survey, Environmental monitoring, etc.

Today Al Ansari Calibration name is branded and accepted by many clients in Oman including –

consulatant, Govt. sector, Private organisation, manufacturing & production unit based on our experience, reliability, quality & promt service.

Over the two decades, we have developed a strong technical & non-technical staff to serve you better.

The division is equiped with a state of the art technology and aims at providing cost effective and high qulaity solutions to all our clientele.

We know speed is also an important factor like quality when performing the calibration services, as companies cannot afford to be without their vital equipment for long perood.

Hence we take utmost care to offer a very short turnaround time for many of our services and where possible we can make it to 2-3 days.

Our Activities:

  • Different Calibration Service levels we provide are:Functional check with or without calibration data, with as found / as-left data.The most complete report: highly desirable when establishing or maintaining a corporate Quality Management System.
  • On-site Calibration Services.
  • We perform Service, overhauling, AMC of your instruments.
  • Up to component level repair of Electrical and Electronic test & measuring instruments for all makes.
  • Our skilled Technicians will carry out the maintenance at your site and aovid unnecessary headache for shifting the equipments.

Our Key features & benefits:

  • Calibration certificates complies with National / International standards.
  • Controlled calibration, verification and operation procedures.
  • Laboratory & workshop is equipped with all required technical facilities for Calibration & Repairs.
  • Timely and professional response to customer needs.
  • Recall service at calibration intervals for all our customers.
  • Lowest turnaround time in the industry.
  • Pick-up and delivery services.
  • Competitive price.

Our scope of works in the field of Testing & Calibration are:

Pressure & Vacuum





Pressure gauges up to 30,000 PSI & Vacuum gauges
Chart Recorders, Pressure Sensors, Switches
Tong torque Gauges, Transducers, Transmitters
Dead Weight Tester, Pressure / Safety Relief Valves



Time & Frequency



Hand Torque wrenches up to 1500 Nm
Hydraulic Torque wrenches (Up to 7500 Nm)



Flow Meter

Other Instruments

Rig instruments

Decade Capacitance box




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