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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool division at Al Ansari Trading enterprises has carved its position in the swimming pool industry being the oldest & most experienced swimming pool contractor in the Sultanate of Oman. Supported by extensive knowledge and vast experience, our skilled workforce is committed to timely completion of every project undertaken without compromising on the issues related to quality, safety and

Our in-depth understanding of swimming pool and its systems, combined with labor management expertise, has enabled us to successfully provide our services to national as well as international clients. We follow international codes and practices to offer best quality of services at the most reasonable price. Today we are recognized as a leader in the industry for our strength, expertise and our approach to all the
challenging jobs across the country.

Our scope of work includes the design, supply and installation of MEP equipment for domestic and commercial Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis, Water Features. Olympic pools and competition diving pools are our specialty and we currently have 25 Olympic sized pools under our profile and 10 mini-Olympic pools.

We are also involved in the construction of other specialty pools such as Hydrotherapy Pools in hospitals, Fish ponds, Training and Recreational Pools for animals such as horses, dogs etc. We supply high-quality pool equipment and fountain equipment across Oman.

Our Team

Al Ansari have been providing swimming pool services over more than 45 years, the team is strong and capable of assuring the best services at all times. Al Ansari claims to have the best technically qualified team compared to any swimming pool sub-contractor in the country. We have the highest number of qualified engineers dedicated for the design and execution of swimming pool systems. Their expertise enables quick flow of knowledge and efficient decision making throughout the execution of projects. Click Here to view our organization chart.

Our Clients

We believe in exceeding clients expectations by extending our best services and expertise throughout all phases of projects and after its competition. The internal quality system of the company and adherence to the international standards ensures the clients with a highly reliable and most accurate result within the stipulated time. Listed below are few of our very valuable clients.


Product Categories

We at Al Ansari provide wide range of swimming pool products and fountain equipment from trusted manufacturers

  • Pool Fittings – Available in Stainless Steel & ABS
  • Lighting
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Poolside
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Water Treatment
  • Heating
  • Pool Covers

You can buy the above range of products either online or visit our showroom.

Our Brands

We Al Ansari, are the dealers of top-class swimming pool product brands. We supply high-quality pool products across the Sultanate of Oman. The product ranges starting from pool chemicals, pool filters, pool fittings, etc.

Our Strength

Backed by the formidable team and a long and intimate history, it is no wonder that we confront all the challenging projects and seize the opportunities. Our efforts bind us to be capable of executing the best projects in the country. The strengths reflect in our capabilities to take on all difficulties that oppose us.

Our Pride

By leveraging our strengths and capitalizing on developing opportunities, we have proved capable and we take great pride in to have executed the following projects.

  • The first lazy river in the Sultanate of Oman at Shangrila Bar Al Jissah Resorts.
  • The only Swimming pool Sub contractor in GCC to have executed 16 Olympic pools in the shortest span.
  • The Swimming Pool at Alila Jebel Akthar Resorts build by Al Ansari is the third coolest pool in the planet.
  • The swimming pools at Jebel Akthar and the 44m long beach side infinity pools at Al Baleed Resort, Salalah are the chosen as reference for case studies.
  • Swimming pool at the Mysk Hotel, Al Mouj is the first swimming pool in the country to have the most advanced Regenerative Filters.

Project Details

Al Ansari Group’s believe in exceeding clients expectations by extending our best services and expertise throughout all phases of projects and after its competition. Our swimming pool division has been providing innovative and quality services as follows,

Click here to see the project gallery. We are providing customized services based on the client requirement as follows,

  • Specialty Fountains
  • Loungers
  • Dancing Fountains
  • Splash Pads
  • Decorative Features
  • Lazy River
  • Jacuzzis

Services & Support:

Selling is just the start of the relationship but after sales, service is a central pillar where the emphasis on customer satisfaction goes beyond the sales. Also well maintained equipment helps to reduce downtime and saves huge losses.

Al Ansari group have an independent 24×7 service team with highly trained technicians to take care of after sales service activities. Also we conduct training session for hotel operations team once in six months and also provide enhanced spare parts support.



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